East Lothian wedding photography

Lesley and Gordon’s East Lothian wedding photographer

Being an East Lothian wedding photographer has many advantages. It’s not just the many fantastic venues, but the fantastic scenery as well. And when Autumn is in full swing – then wow, it just looks glorious!
Lesley and Gordon were married at Haddingtom Registry Office and from there made their way to Craigielaw Golf Club. The previous day I drove various routes between the two looking for the best locations with Autumn colours. Unfortunately, a gale was blowing, and I was beginning to think I would have to find a pile of fallen leaves for them to kick about! Luckily I found two locations which were relatively sheltered, with a third in mind, ‘just in case.’
In fact, the weather defies the forecast and the sun came out as we left Haddington. Low autumnal sunshine is one of my favourites – not too bright, and not too high.
Lesley’s two children did an amazing job at the wedding. Young Kyle not only walked his mother down the aisle, he later gave the first speech of the evening with Caroline looking on with pride. Kyle’s elder sister Sophie looked amazing as the bridesmaid – even if she did try and sneak a pair of Doc Martins on under her dress!
And Best Man Michael, from Sweden – whose day started with losing his rental car keys somewhere on the golf course – ended his speach with praise for Tennants lager! To make his day better, someone found his car keys and they were returned to him with a round of applause from all the guests.
Being an East Lothian wedding photographer is never boring!

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Finlay and Elisa’s East Lothian wedding photographer

As an East Lothian wedding photographer I always enjoy a local wedding. Last Saturday I walked to work across the West Beach in North Berwick – and there aren’t many commutes that compare with that!
Finlay and Elisa met via North Berwick Rowing Club, got engaged at a Rowing Club event, and so the Rowing Club turned up in force to help celebrate their day.
It started with an arch of oars outside St Andrews Blackadder church on the High Street, and continued onto the beach where four boats awaited them.
Elisa changed into a pair of red wellies and they boarded one boat while the others formed an escort on the 20 minute journey up the coast to the Glen Golf Club.
Once there, the wellies became an impromptu vase for the Brides and Bridesmaids flowers, while the guests stood on the beach drinking their champagne.
After some hilarious speeches the ceileidh began – and I left as the party continued into the night.
Life as an East Lothian wedding photographer doesn’t get much better than this!
There are more photos on their wedding gallery page

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East Lothian wedding photographer

As an East Lothian wedding photographer, it’s not often that I get a Saturday off. But today was one such day and I decided to photograph the chimneys of the local Cockenzie power station being demolished. After a bit of research using Google maps I picked my location – the old Blindwells open cast coal mine. The mine used to supply coal to the power station, but it closed in the 1970, has been reclaimed and is covered in grass.
The power station itself opened in 1967 and for 48 years the chimneys have been a dominant feature on the East Lothian coastline. It was being demolished as it is too polluting, and coal fired power stations are being fazed out across the country.
And next week I’ll be back at work as an East Lothian wedding photographer, at a wedding in North Berwick!

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