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Working in Marrakech

I’ve been to Marrakech many times over the past 8 years, but this was a visit with a difference – I was working at the American Society of Travel Agents Destination Expo conference. My friend Jennifer, who I met around 20 years ago, and haven’t seen for around 10 years, is the communications director, and she reckoned that the best way for us to meet up after she had flown all the way across the Atlantic, was to employ me! With the added bonus that my flights were cheaper than flying a photographer from the US, and that I already knew Marrakech and Morocco.

And so my 10 days in Marrakech began – with a free first morning which involved me showing some of the US travel writers around the bit of the Medina that I know, and continued into the conference. Every night there was a social event of some sort, which also had to be photographed, as well as all the speakers and exhibitors at the conference. Some very long days followed!

On the last day Jennifer and I joined others on a day trip to outside of the city, and then we had one last day together in Marrakech where Jennifer went shopping in the souks, and watched a craftsman actually make the pair of sandals she bought!

That left three days for me on my own and I explored bits of the Medina that I hadn’t visited before – the southern side, and particularly the El Badi Palace(with its famous nesting storks and selfie mirror) and the story-telling evening at Cafe Clock.

Finally, one last day of work photographing the area around the Riad Porte Royale (it’s in the very non-touristy north west of the Medina) and also of it’s newly painted terrace, to update their web-site.

I just love the mix of old and new in Morocco – the ancient crafts and way of life, mixed with excellent food, good communications (wifi!) and all the convenient modernities we take for granted in the UK. And there are now direct flights from Glasgow! I’ll be back…..

 Working in Marrakech wpid5270 Marrakech wedding photographer 006

 Working in Marrakech wpid5272 Marrakech wedding photographer 049

 Working in Marrakech wpid5274 Marrakech wedding photographer 014

 Working in Marrakech wpid5276 Marrakech wedding photographer 022

 Working in Marrakech wpid5278 Marrakech wedding photographer 024

 Working in Marrakech wpid5280 Marrakech wedding photographer 032

 Working in Marrakech wpid5282 Marrakech wedding photographer 042

 Working in Marrakech wpid5284 Marrakech wedding photographer 083

 Working in Marrakech wpid5286 Marrakech wedding photographer 085

 Working in Marrakech wpid5288 Marrakech wedding photographer 092

 Working in Marrakech wpid5290 Marrakech wedding photographer 098

 Working in Marrakech wpid5292 Marrakech wedding photographer 099

 Working in Marrakech wpid5294 Marrakech wedding photographer 111

 Working in Marrakech wpid5296 Marrakech wedding photographer 118

 Working in Marrakech wpid5298 Marrakech wedding photographer 120

 Working in Marrakech wpid5300 Marrakech wedding photographer 121

 Working in Marrakech wpid5302 Marrakech wedding photographer 124

 Working in Marrakech wpid5304 Marrakech wedding photographer 016

 Working in Marrakech wpid5306 Marrakech wedding photographer 005

 Working in Marrakech wpid5308 Marrakech wedding photographer 006 2

 Working in Marrakech wpid5310 Marrakech wedding photographer 039

 Working in Marrakech wpid5312 Marrakech wedding photographer 041

 Working in Marrakech wpid5314 Marrakech wedding photographer 055

 Working in Marrakech wpid5316 Marrakech wedding photographer 059

 Working in Marrakech wpid5318 Marrakech wedding photographer 061

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new grosset website

Over the past 18 months I have been commissioned to take many more ‘non-weddings’ photographs than usual. So at the beginning of this year I decided to completely redesign my Grosset website to reflect this.
My work there is not so differnt from my work at weddings – I take the same observational approach, and I think that my pictures show the true story and atmosphere of the subject in an honest manner.
The highlight of the year was being commissioned to fly to Paris to photograph the Michelin starred restaurant Le Violon d’Ingres, although my other work for local East Lothian organisations such as Leuchie House, and local businesses such as Lockett Bros, is no less enjoyable! I even managed to fit in a quick fashion shoot for The Costswold Tailor in Woodstock, England.
Please visit www.grosset.co.uk and leave a comment here to let me know what you think!

 new grosset website wpid4407 grosset commercial photo 231

 new grosset website wpid4409 grosset commercial photo 194

 new grosset website wpid4411 grosset commercial photo 153

 new grosset website wpid4413 grosset commercial photo 003

 new grosset website wpid4415 grosset commercial photo 002

 new grosset website wpid4417 grosset commercial photo 009

 new grosset website wpid4419 grosset commercial photo 006

 new grosset website wpid4421 grosset commercial photo 082

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Summer Holidays

I can’t remember the last time I had a summer holiday. After all, summer is the peak time for wedding photographers. However, some things are more important than work, and after meeting Charlotte and her two sons eight months ago, I quickly booked two weeks out of my schedule, at the beginning of the English school holidays.

They arrived two weeks ago in North Berwick and I was slightly apprehensive of what the boys would think. However, two borrowed bikes, beaches galore, a football and weather that was (except for a couple of days) perfect, seemed to provide enough entertainment for two teenagers. They even managed to meet a schoolfriend from Oxford on the beach! It was also Charles’ birthday, so that was an excuse for one of the two parties we had. (That’s Charles, grinning with his new laptop, in the second photo below.)

It was really great for them to see where I live and to meet my friends again (they’d last seen them in Marrakech.) I now see a flurry of Facebook activity going on between Seb, Charles, Neil and Callum!

Charlotte and I live 360 miles apart – a whole days travel whether driving or taking the train – and our conflicting work schedules mean that this was the first time she, Seb and Charles had visited North Berwick. In fact, it was the first time they’d been to Scotland.

I have plans for the next trip they make……

 Summer Holidays wpid2663 Scottish wedding photography 2306

 Summer Holidays wpid2665 Scottish wedding photography 2382

 Summer Holidays wpid2667 Scottish wedding photography 2404

 Summer Holidays wpid2669 Scottish wedding photography 2505

 Summer Holidays wpid2671 Scottish wedding photography 2515

 Summer Holidays wpid2673 Scottish wedding photography 2531

 Summer Holidays wpid2675 Scottish wedding photography 2547

 Summer Holidays wpid2677 Scottish wedding photography 2569

 Summer Holidays wpid2679 Scottish wedding photography 2595

 Summer Holidays wpid2681 Scottish wedding photography 2610

 Summer Holidays wpid2683 Scottish wedding photography 2678

 Summer Holidays wpid2685 Scottish wedding photography 2690

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