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Karen and David’s Edinburgh portraits

What a wet summer we’re having! On the one day that Karen, David and I were all free before their wedding at Lake Como in Italy, it was, of course, raining…… Many of the photos I took feature vertical white streaks of falling water as they bravely posed in the drizzle.
Hopefully we’ll have some warmth and sunshine in a month’s time, although David tells me that it’s been unseasonally wet in Italy too.
If you’re on speaking terms terms to a rain god, please talk to them now!

 Karen and Davids Edinburgh portraits wpid3299 Edinburgh engagement portrait 001

 Karen and Davids Edinburgh portraits wpid3301 Edinburgh engagement portrait 006

 Karen and Davids Edinburgh portraits wpid3303 Edinburgh engagement portrait 012

 Karen and Davids Edinburgh portraits wpid3305 Edinburgh engagement portrait 015

 Karen and Davids Edinburgh portraits wpid3307 Edinburgh engagement portrait 027

 Karen and Davids Edinburgh portraits wpid3309 Edinburgh engagement portrait 041

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Becca and Rowan’s engagement portraits in Edinburgh

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for our quick engagement portrait session on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. Becca and Rowan are such a relaxed couple that photographing them at their wedding at Wedderburn Castle in October is going to be a delight – even if the weather isn’t likely to be as wonderful!

 Becca and Rowans engagement portraits in Edinburgh wpid3201 Edinburgh engagement portrait 019

 Becca and Rowans engagement portraits in Edinburgh wpid3203 Edinburgh engagement portrait 023

 Becca and Rowans engagement portraits in Edinburgh wpid3205 Edinburgh engagement portrait 028

 Becca and Rowans engagement portraits in Edinburgh wpid3207 Edinburgh engagement portrait 037

 Becca and Rowans engagement portraits in Edinburgh wpid3209 Edinburgh engagement portrait 040

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Summer Holidays

I can’t remember the last time I had a summer holiday. After all, summer is the peak time for wedding photographers. However, some things are more important than work, and after meeting Charlotte and her two sons eight months ago, I quickly booked two weeks out of my schedule, at the beginning of the English school holidays.

They arrived two weeks ago in North Berwick and I was slightly apprehensive of what the boys would think. However, two borrowed bikes, beaches galore, a football and weather that was (except for a couple of days) perfect, seemed to provide enough entertainment for two teenagers. They even managed to meet a schoolfriend from Oxford on the beach! It was also Charles’ birthday, so that was an excuse for one of the two parties we had. (That’s Charles, grinning with his new laptop, in the second photo below.)

It was really great for them to see where I live and to meet my friends again (they’d last seen them in Marrakech.) I now see a flurry of Facebook activity going on between Seb, Charles, Neil and Callum!

Charlotte and I live 360 miles apart – a whole days travel whether driving or taking the train – and our conflicting work schedules mean that this was the first time she, Seb and Charles had visited North Berwick. In fact, it was the first time they’d been to Scotland.

I have plans for the next trip they make……

 Summer Holidays wpid2663 Scottish wedding photography 2306

 Summer Holidays wpid2665 Scottish wedding photography 2382

 Summer Holidays wpid2667 Scottish wedding photography 2404

 Summer Holidays wpid2669 Scottish wedding photography 2505

 Summer Holidays wpid2671 Scottish wedding photography 2515

 Summer Holidays wpid2673 Scottish wedding photography 2531

 Summer Holidays wpid2675 Scottish wedding photography 2547

 Summer Holidays wpid2677 Scottish wedding photography 2569

 Summer Holidays wpid2679 Scottish wedding photography 2595

 Summer Holidays wpid2681 Scottish wedding photography 2610

 Summer Holidays wpid2683 Scottish wedding photography 2678

 Summer Holidays wpid2685 Scottish wedding photography 2690

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