Favourite photographs from 2017 by a Scottish Wedding Photographer

Favourite photographs from 2017 by a Scottish Wedding Photographer

These are my favourite photographs from 2017. Not necessarily the best photographs of last year, but my own personal favourites as a Scottish wedding photographer.

At any wedding I probably spend more time in the company of the Bride and Groom than anyone else. And in that time I see the back story of the day. It’s a bit like watching a swan’s legs paddling away underwater, while above water the bird glides serenely through the water.

There’s just so much going on at any wedding that isn’t always visible to the couple and their guests and I try and observe (and photograph) as much as I can. Every wedding is unique and full of its own charms, from the fanciest affair to the smallest simple family gathering. They do share a few things in common though, such as the excitement, the planning, and, most importantly, the outpouring of expressions of joy and love, no matter how they’re expressed.  A stolen kiss between the bride and groom, the wiping away of a tear at the ceremony, a child’s smile. It’s a day made up of moments and it’s those small, touching moments–moments that might never have been noticed in the whirl of the day–that I try to capture and share.

These photographs bring back so many memories for me. The ever-smiling bride, the bride surprised by the wedding organised by her mother and husband to be, and all the little details – and those who contributed them. Memories of the guests, the makers of merry, the small children, the beautiful dresses and suits, the laughter and the tears of joy. Not to mention some amazing and wonderful venues and their fantastic staff. It’s been a great year and I send much love and happiness to all these brides and grooms for 2018!


The music is from my friend Scott Matthew’s album Unlearned, available on iTunes

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