an edinburgh wedding photographer with Miami blues

Miami may be 4,263 miles from Edinburgh but it’s about 20 degrees warmer at this time of year. So when a special offer appeared it seemed a good idea and time for an Edinburgh Wedding Photographer to visit.
I do photograph subjects other than brides, grooms and weddings! In Miami I was fascinated by the colour blue, which although mainly in the sky, was frequently reflected in the glass of the modern architecture, or contrasted with the white of the older buildings.
Miami Beach is where most of the Art Deco buildings are, and away from the loud night-time music of Ocean Boulevard is an absolute delight. I gather in summertime it is stiflingly hot, but in late November┬áthe temperatures were around 25 degrees – just perfect for aimlessly strolling around with a camera.

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  1. Livvy says:

    Stunning photos!