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Dalhousie Castle wedding photographer

I knew Janis and Willem’s wedding was going to be fun, just by the amount of wine we got through when I first met them in their home. But I’m afraid I’m not going to show you the fun photos whithout them approving them first, and they’re still on their honeymoon! They added their own twists to the order of the day – from facing their guests during the religous ceremony, to the best order of service I’ve ever seen! And having said they didn’t want to pose for any photos, we ended up with both their families congregating in front of my lights – where many of the funnier photos were taken! And then they were also keen to get as many photos as possible with Dalhousie Castle in the background – which we achieved, despite the lack of light and sub-zero conditions! I left after the speeches – but I’m sure the evening continued in the same exuberant manner that had been celebrated all day.


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