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Dirleton Castle wedding photographer

Scottish weather can be so fickle! The morning of Ashley and Andrew’s wedding was spent in a friend’s garden, right next door to Dirleton’s Open Arms hotel where Andrew was getting ready. It was so warm, that they proceeded with their plans for an outdoor ceremony at Dirleton Castle. Three hours later there was a gale blowing – and the Open Arms hosted the reception…. Luckily, the weather improved, and by early evening we were able to spend some time on Yellowcraig beach taking portraits of the happy couple before moving to the Royal Musselburgh Golf Club for an evening of dancing and celebrating.

PS: The third photo down is a ‘scramble,’ or a ‘scattering’ an old Scottish tradition where the Bride’s father ‘distributes’ (throws) coins for the local children. And the fifth photo down is a homage to David Hockney who pioneered this type of photo collage in the  1980’s. (And to my colleague Marc Aspland of The Times newspaper who did the same thing during Mrs Thatcher’s funeral.)


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