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Iain and Cath’s Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh wedding photography

Last Saturday I volunteered to assist my friend Liisa Hilden-Parsons at Iain and Cath’s wedding in Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens. Liisa, who lives in Leicestershire, had been ‘volunteered’ by a friend of her daughter to photograph the wedding of her friends. Liisa’s style of wedding photography is much more traditional than my own, and I thought it would be interesting to see how the other half work!

Cath’s dress was so amazing, and the location of their wedding so beautiful, I just had to put some of my photos here. They got married in a grove of giant redwoods, and had their reception in the Caledonian Hall. Despite the appearance of all the sunshine in these photos, in the shade it was bitterly cold (it has subsequently snowed in Edinburgh – in May!)


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