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Mar Hall, Glasgow wedding photographer

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast before your wedding – as Gemma and John did for the week leading up to their wedding at Mar Hall, just outside Glasgow, so they knew what to expect! In all the many weddings I’ve photographed, there have only been two when it rained all day, without any gap in the downpour, and Gemma and John’s wedding was one of them. When your venue is as magnificent as Mar Hall, you need to have a photo with it as a backdrop. Luckily I always have a large white golfing umbrella to hand, and so Plan B was put into operation. If you look closely, you can see white streaks at a 45 degree angle in one of the photos below – that was the rain! Despite the weather, it was a fantastic wedding: a humanist ceremony that included a hand fasting and a breaking of a glass in accordance with Gemma’s Jewish heritage. Speeches from TWO Best Men and the Mother of the Bride, and after the first dance, a traditional Jewish Hora, with John and Gemma being hoisted aloft on chairs while everyone danced around them. As I left, young and old were dancing, but the rain was still coming down, and even a frog decided it was better off inside than out! It was ably rescued by staff and guests as it’s moves weren’t really suited to the action on the dance floor…..


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