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Mar Lodge wedding photographer

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

A McGregor marrying a Campbell, in the Highlands? I knew the ancient history of the two clans, and the modern history of these particular North Berwick Campbells, since I photographed Fiona’s sister’s wedding seven years ago. So I wasn’t expecting the trouble I had been reading about in Wikipedia, that took place in the 1700’s….. In fact, the only real confrontation to contend with was the wind, which howled down the Dee valley past Mar Lodge at some speed. But after a wet journey from Mar Lodge to Craithie Kirk (where they were married by the Queens Chaplain, surrounded by the royal flowers) the rain stopped and the sun decided to make an appearance. By evening it was good enough to hold an impromptu football match on the front lawn, with six year old Hamish stealing the show. It was a day with the smiliest and happiest bride and groom, of good friends and family travelling from afar and a wonderful ceilidh in the evening. I left before the BBQ the next day, but if the previous day’s party was anything to go by, I’m sure a good time was had by all!


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