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Mary and Ewen’s wedding photography at Glengorm Castle, the Isle of Mull.

I love Island weddings! Whether they’re far away in the Orkneys, or closer to home (on Mull) they have several things in common. One is that they are hugely welcoming, to friends, and strangers such as myself, alike. The other is that various rules and norms seem to be more relaxed (“there’s only two policemen in Tobermory, and they’ll both be asleep by now”!

Mary and Ewen’s wedding at Glengorm Castle on the tip of the Isle of Mull was the perfect example. Ewan was the local boy, yet Mary and her family were welcomed with open arms – as were all the guests who’d travelled from the four corners of the world to help them celebrate.

Ewen was so local that his mother married them – she’s the local registrar, and his brother Roddy made the wedding bands. Meanwhile, Mary made their cake herself, using her Grandmother’s recipe and cake tins from nearly 70 years earlier!

The weather couldn’t dampen the celebrations either, as the rain timed it’s appearance almost exactly perfectly, and even provided a lucky rainbow!


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