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Melrose Abbey wedding photographer

Beth and Kris’ wedding party at Melrose Abbey was equalled in numbers by the Sixpence Weddings team of Yvonne Towle. I was there along with Steve from Cherry Tree Films, Pipe Major Jim Nicholl and local minister Alistair Bennett. It was such a small wedding, with just Kris’s parents and sisters attending, that Yvonne and I were the witnesses.

Beth is from Indiana in America, and Kris is from Belgium. They’d not only fallen in love with each other but with the Abbey too. So they wanted to be able to revive their memories of their day there in the years to come. The advantage of such small numbers is that we were able to delay the wedding by 15 minutes to allow a shower of rain to pass over – and then to hang around in the magnificent Abbey to take photos (and video) to our hearts content. To cap it all, as we were leaving, a magnificent rainbow appeared briefly, right over the Abbey!


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