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Professional Wedding Photography

My colleague Steven Taylor wrote on his blog recently about the importance of hiring a professional photographer for your wedding, rather than relying on family and friends to do the job. He writes “There were always amateur photographers who could deliver, sometimes, great pictures… every now and then. It was always true that professional photographers were expected to do just that every time.” and “All that technology is just a tool, in the same way a painter uses a brush, a carpenter uses a hammer or a writer uses a pen, we, like our fellow artisans have new, more advanced tools to work with than we had previously. Through all that we are still about giving you a document to remember your wedding day.”

And then I read another blog, entirely unrelated to wedding photography: “When photography was first created, it was so rare and unique. Subjects would have to sit still for minutes, then seconds, then milliseconds to be recorded onto glass, tintype, film. The Internet and digital cameras made photos ubiquitous, and perhaps the average photo is less valuable because of it.”

Of course, professionals don’t produce average photos – they produce great photos all the time. And that is the real value of hiring a professional wedding photographer – they are professionals because they consistently produce good results.

And then a recent third blog that I’d read came to mind”….waiting for the moment, and recognizing it when it comes, is more important than other issues of so-called technical perfection”

As the great photographer Elliott Erwitt once said: “All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.”

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