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Short notice wedding photography

At the start of this year. on January 3rd, I had an enquiry about taking photographs at a wedding on.... January 6th!

Leslie and Michael were getting married in Alloa at 4pm, so the most important thing for me was to get them to agree to take their relaxed couple portraits before the ceremony, when there would be some light! Thankfully they agreed and we spent some time around Alloa Tower as I captured them together.

The wedding was small - just six guests - and after the ceremony we all walked to their favourite Italian restaurant where I took a few more photos of them all before taking my leave.

Leslie is a teacher, and I have password protected their wedding gallery, as I have for previous brides in the same job (children can be so nasty sometimes!) I have also done this on request for some other professions, notably those in the security business. So, if you'd rather visitors to this site not see your wedding photos, just let me know!


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