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Wedderburn Castle wedding photographer

If Tamsin and Nick’s wedding was cold and wet, two days later, Gareth and Fumino’s wedding at Wedderburn Castle was cold and snowy. And not only did they brave the cold and white stuff to pose in front of the castle – they did it TWICE, so that Fumino could show off both her traditional kimono, but also her white wedding dress. There was a real mixture of cultures for the day. Gareth is originally from Liverpool, but his family now live in Dundee. He and Fimono live in Tokyo and half their guests flew round the world to be there with them. Saki was served after the ceremony, Fumino, her mother and bridesmaids wore kimonos, and Gareth and his brother wore kilts. And although jet lag took it’s toll, I was amazed that a party of 15 could have such fabulous fun learning to ceileidh (with Gareth’s brother’s help!)


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