Recent memories & stories

Ben and Maria

Welcome to a typical day in the life of a wedding photographer! I was only booked for Ben and Maria’s wedding at short notice, so had no chance to meet them before their big day.

I’d also never been to their venue, Glenskirlie Castle, before, so turned up an hour earlier than usual to have a scout around.

Lastly, it was June in Scotland, so the day was full of heavy rain showers and 40mph gusts of wind! 

Luckily the rain stopped twice, giving me an opportunity to take a big group photograph of everyone, and later, to sneak off with the happy couple for some informal portraits.

There were the usual classic moments too - Maria is Peruvian and had to translate her mother's speech, much to her embarrassment! And the dancing was enthusiastic - and wild.

I also took some black and white photographs at the wedding. You can see my blog post about them here.

Katie and Robert

Katie and Robert had always planned to have a wedding on her family farm. Her father had kept a section of a field next to the farmyard free of crops, and prepared it for a large marquee to be erected. And then Covid struck….


When the first relaxation of lockdown began, they edited their plans. Now it was a small wedding with just family and close friends, and all outdoors.

The ceremony was in the Dutch barn, complete with a combine as a backdrop, and the reception was in the garden. A large gazebo provided protection in case of bad weather.

They’d asked me to photograph their wedding because I’d photographed Robert’s sister’s wedding a couple of years before, and it was great to see Alex and Andreas again, along with their new child.

So, a small wedding, but no less joyous or loving. A lovely way for me to spend a Saturday, photographing a lovely group of people intent on celebrating Katie and Robert’s day, and future, despite the rather odd pandemic situation.  

Katie and Roberts East Lothian wedding photography
Padraig and Mhairi's East Lothian wedding photography

Padraig and Mhairi

Padraig and Mhairi’s wedding was a Scottish/Irish one, and based in three locations. Mhairi got ready at her parent’s house (where she’d grown up) and they got married in the Catholic church in Dunbar.


Then it was of to the log cabin on the cliffs above Ravensheugh Beach where a grand tipi and mobile kitchen and bar had been set up.


The beach is one of my favourites in East Lothian (although, to be fair, all the beaches in East Lothian are stunning!) and is perfect for some loving photos of any bride and groom (even in the rain, as in the main photo on the home page.)

It there was a colour code at the wedding it was yellow – Mhairi’s nail polish perfectly matched the colour of her Converse shoes! I love it when a bride wears something comfortable on her feet, rather than expensive designer shoes. (And here’s a tip – wear shoes that you can dance comfortably in!)


Unusually for me there was a celebrity at the wedding (Padraig’s employer.) At their request I’ve posted no photos of him on the web. But look carefully at the group photo….

I stayed until the last dance (Auld Lang Syne, surrounded by all their guests) and got plenty of photos of the raucous and drunken dancing, and the general bonhomie of everyone there!

Jonathon and Lindsay

One of my favourite photographs of the year was taken at Jonathon and Lindsay’s wedding at The Marine Hotel in North Berwick. It is of Lindsay being piped in to the hotel, and the sound was just too much for the six year old flower girl, who has her fingers in her ears at this important moment!

Lindsay grew up in North Berwick, got ready at the family home, and was transported to the hotel in an old Volkswagen minibus.

The hotel hosts many weddings each year, and are very used to making sure everything runs smoothly, which of course it did. The only problem was when one of my cameras stopped auto-focussing just as Lindsay and her father entered the ceremony room. Luckily, muscle memory from years of using manual focus lenses meant it was just an inconvenience rather than a disaster!

The Marine Hotel’s location overlooking the Firth of Forth meant that it makes sense to walk across the golf course and onto the beach. With North Berwick Law and the iconic Bass Rock as a background, I was the perfect place to photograph Lindsay and Jonathon as a newly married couple. They even took their shoes off and went for a paddle! (Jonathon also admitted that he’d gone for a swim before breakfast!)

Then it was back to the hotel for the reception, champagne, hilarious speeches, dinner and of course, dancing the night away!

Jonathon and Lindsey's North Berwick wedding photography