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An international wedding photographer

I have been looking at some of the statistics revealed by Google analytics, about visitors to this web site, and they are fascinating. In the past 12 months, there have been visitors from 95 different countries. While the top 5 countries offer no surprises (UK, USA, Canada, Australia and France) the bottom 23 with one visitor from each country are interesting! Moldova, Belarus and Cambodia all feature, and very welcome they are too. If the one visitor from St Vincent and the Grenadines, or the one visitor from the British Virgin Islands is a Bride or Groom – then yes, I’d love to be your wedding photographer! I also had three visits from Azerbaijan, and further probing leads me to think they all came from Belarus. Some of the cities the visitors came from demanded a further Googling: I’ve learned that Zaporilzhia is a city in the Ukraine (two visitors) Rocky Hill is in Connecticut, USA (two visitors) and Ixellos is a suberb of Brussels (another two visitors.) However, as expected, Edinburgh, London and Glasgow make up the top three cities where my visitors are based. So, an international audience for my documentary wedding photography in Scotland!


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