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My favourite East Lothian wedding venues.

After my visit to the fabulous new East Lothian venue of Broxmouth Courtyard the other day, I began to think about what makes a fantastic venue - not just for the wedding party but also for me, the wedding photographer.

The following all apply to my favourite East Lothian wedding venues: Fenton Tower, The Marine Hotel, Ravensheugh Log Cabin, Broxmouth Courtyard, and The Waterfront at Archerfield, and Archerfield House.

  • Scenic Beauty: A great wedding and photography venue often boasts picturesque landscapes, gardens, architecture, or natural surroundings that serve as stunning backdrops for photographs and create a romantic ambiance for weddings.

  • Versatility: Venues that offer a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces provide flexibility for different parts of a wedding and various photography styles. This allows photographers to capture diverse shots and couples to have contingency plans for inclement weather.

  • Historical or Unique Features: Venues with historical significance or unique architectural elements can add character and charm to both weddings and photographs, making them more memorable and visually appealing.

  • Natural Light: Adequate natural lighting is crucial for photography. Venues with large windows, open spaces, and well-lit areas allow photographers to capture beautiful and well-lit images without excessive artificial lighting.

  • Accessibility: Easy accessibility for guests and photography equipment is important. Venues that are conveniently located and have ample parking or transportation options are often preferred. (Although Fenton Tower, being a restored 16th century tower house and no lifts and two spiral staircases...)

  • Professional Support: A well-organized venue with experienced staff can help ensure that weddings run smoothly. For photographers, a venue that understands their needs and provides support can contribute to a successful shoot.

  • Privacy: Privacy is often valued for weddings, allowing couples and guests to enjoy the celebration without disruptions. Photographers can also work more freely when there are fewer distractions.

  • Amenities and Services: Venues that offer additional amenities, such as dressing rooms, catering services, and event coordination, can simplify the wedding planning process and enhance the overall experience.

  • Capacity and Intimacy: The right venue strikes a balance between accommodating the desired number of guests and maintaining an intimate atmosphere. This is important for both weddings and photography sessions.


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