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Ricki and Eliot’s Dalhousie Castle wedding photography

A beautiful day at Dalhousie Castle outside of Edinburgh, for the wedding of Ricki and Eliot. They’d travelled all the way from the USA, with a few friends and family, to celebrate their marriage in one of Scotland’s beautiful castles. Everything went very smoothly, as you would expect with Yvonne from Sixpence Weddings, organising the details! And Pipe Major Iain Grant was on his usual fine form, finishing his duties by asking Ricki is she’d ever kissed a hairy piper! Interestingly (for me, anyway) Eliot’s sister read a poem during the service, direct from the screen of Eliot’s shiny new iPad! Now, I’ve seen fathers of the bride read their speach from notes on an iPhone before, but this was a first for me! My first iPad wedding….. sometimes I can be such a geek!


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