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Scotland’s top award winning photographer

Some great news from the International Wedding PhotoJournalists Association – I have just been awarded 2nd and 9th place for two wedding photos I took this year. The judges – who included two Pulitzer prize winning photographers – were kind enough to say “Simply said, this image is a wonderful moment ‘noticed.'” and ” This image was a tough contender for first place.” Full comments are below, beneath each photo.

Ironically, both these images were taken at the English wedding of James and Twanette. Yet under the points system used by the Wedding PhotoJournalists Association I am now, jointly, the top award winning photographer in Scotland (along with my colleague Nick Kirk from Glasgow.) You can see all the results – and some truly inspiring wedding photography from around the world – on the WPJA web site.

JUDGES COMMENTS: Wow, a black cat at a wedding? Has to be one of the more interesting moments I’ve seen at a wedding and it’s perfectly framed in the center so the cat is silhouetted with the bride’s white dress behind it. Love the element of the groom’s expression as he looks back. The flowers to the right and left nicely frame the photo.

JUDGES COMMENTS: An image like this might not have as much meaning to some cultures, but for many, a black cat crossing your path is considered a sign of bad luck. This image was a tough contender for first place. I’ve judged photos at some of photojournalism’s top contests – including this one and I’ve never seen a more forebodingly funny image from a wedding. Let’s face it, getting married is scary enough, but when a black cat strolls past the frame, one has to wonder what comes next. The groom gives the cat a rather smirking smile. I know what he’s thinking.. “Blame it all on the cat.” At least in this case, the black cat brought better fortune to the photographer who captured a fun moment with excellent lighting and composition.

(Personally, I always believed that a black cat crossing your path was good luck!)

JUDGES COMMENTS: Here’s a photo that rests in the confidence of a moment. Moments are the life blood of great photojournalism. They don’t require a great deal of technical fuss other than abiding by the “laws” of basic photography. However, they do ask us to be sensitive and aware. They ask us to notice. Simply said, this image is a wonderful moment “noticed.”

I think this comment sums up my approach to Wedding Photography: I’m sensitive, aware, and I notice what’s going on!


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