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Trish and John’s Borthwick Castle wedding photography

Trish and John came all the way from Chicago to get married in one of Scotland’s historic castles. Borthwick Castle dates from the 1400s, and notable points in it’s history include Mary Queen of Scots spending her honeymoon there, and surviving a seige from Cromwell’s army. Oh, and it’s haunted too!

It was a perfect wedding venue for Trish and John and their guests from America. They didn’t even complain about the copious number of steps you have to climb from the driveway at the bottom to the Guardroom (doubling as the Chapel) at the top!

The organisation had been done by Yvonne at Sixpence Weddings, so everything, naturally, ran smoothly and on time.

After a dinner at the longest table I’ve ever seen, it was time to dance the night away, although some just preferred to enjoy the sumptuous couches in the great hall!


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