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Q Wedding Photography is  run by award winning photographer Simon Grosset in East Lothian, Scotland.

As Simon explains, "my philosophy is empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another." As an East Lothian wedding photographer, I realise it’s your day, not mine, and I am there to record and to provide the memories for you, in the years to come, of what a fantastic time you had, the emotions you felt, the tears you cried and the laughter you laughed. I want my photographs to be a mirror to the reality of your day."

I tell the story of your wedding, without you being hassled, forced to pose, or be dictated to. It is all about you and who you are, and not who or what I want you to be! I want the bride and groom, their wedding party and their guests to be themselves and not notice me. Relaxed and unobtrusive wedding photography is what defines Q Photography.

A wet beach wedding in Scotland

Unobtrusive, Unposed,
Natural, Relaxed,

The look of love.
A wedding photographer in East Lothian. 

Wedding photography to document your priceless moments & memories

Recent work

Katie and Robert

Bride and groom photographed in a wheat field in East Lothian
A bride holding her bright yellow converse sneakers which she is wearing to her wedding.
A photograph of a bride and groom posing on an old restored tractor in rural East Lothian, Scotland

Mhairi and Padraig

Bride and groom photographed on an empty beach in East Lothian

Any Bride-to-be will have lots of questions to ask any Wedding Photographer in East Lothian. Here are my answers to a few.

What happens of it rains? 

I always have a ‘Plan B’ for wet weather, and try and ensure that the Bride and Groom have one too. On the east coast of Scotland it rarely rains for the entire day, during the spring, summer and autumn months. I always carry a large white golfing umbrella with me, so we can at least get some photos of the two of you with your venue, or the landscape, as a backdrop. I also have multiple weather apps so have a reasonably good idea of when the rain will start or stop! The picture at the top of the page was photographed on Ravensheugh beach in the month of June and the photograph on the right was photographed in August!

Wedding photography Scotland in the rain

Wedding photographers only spend a few hours taking photos, so why are they so expensive?

Well, there are three main reasons.

One is that we don't 'just' take photographs. The work on the day of a wedding is less than 20% of the time we spend running a business. Before the wedding there are innumerable emails and phone calls with the couple and with other suppliers to confirm details and timetable. And after the wedding there are several days processing the photos, to make sure that only the best gets through the editing process, and those best photographs are improved so they are fit to be in an album or framed on the wall. There's also the cost of running a professional business, from keeping accounts, insuring everything and marketing.

Second is the cost of equipment – and that is not immune from the current cost of living crisis. On the day of your wedding I could arrive with photographic equipment worth a five figure sum. I may not need it all on the day, but I have it with me in case it is needed. The bare minimum that I use are two Nikon camera bodies and two lenses. But I also carry a third lens that can be called into service if either of the other two fail, along with a couple of specialist lenses. I also carry a small backup camera for the 'worst case scenario' of everything failing! Then there's spare batteries, spare memory cards, lighting equipment, tripods, and of course a laptop so that I can start downloading and checking the photos while you're having your wedding breakfast. Thirdly, and most importantly, is the responsibility and experience that a professional wedding photographer has. Your wedding is a one-off and nothing can be repeated if the photographer misses the shot. A professional wedding photographer will know this, and will have photographed many, many weddings. They will know what to expect to happen as well as being alert at all times to those shots that 'just happen.' We carry public liability insurance as well as public indemnity insurance (as many venues now insist on.) We know our equipment backwards, we know what makes a nice location for the formal photographs and we know how to put everyone, and in particular the bride and groom, at ease. You can read more advice to brides on my blog.

A wedding in progress sign, photographed by a wedding photographer in East Lothian

How long does it take to see my photos?

I try and have a web gallery up within a week of your wedding. These are just the highlights after a quick edit. They are small low resolution photographs which you can download and use on your Facebook or Instagram pages.

The full set of high resolution photographs will follow in a few weeks time, delivered electronically. These will include the B&W images if you ordered them. And then a week later I will send you a pdf of the album I have designed for you to approve or make changes to.

A photographers watch


Civil partnership photography in Scotland

“Thank you so much for everything, you are so much more than a photographer. I hadn't realised that wedding planner, dress assistant and psychiatrist were within your remit!

Oh and the photographs are a delight, you caught my father smiling and I will treasure that image along with so many of the others.

In short you are a star!”

Angie and Ali

Two wedding rings

Planning together the best day of your life

I think meeting up for a chat about your wedding is important - even if it’s only via a video call. Apart from anything you can make sure I’m no Zaphod Beeblebrox with two heads! And  by chatting about your plans I can make sure we’re a good fit for each other, and my style of wedding photography is what you’re looking for. Apart from anything I can advise on many aspects of your plans, if asked. I have probably been to a lot more weddings than you have, and can see what works and what doesn’t.

So please get in touch to see if I am available on your wedding date, and to arrange a meet up.

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